The Castle


Castello Rosso dominates the foothills of Mt Ochi.


It is situated only about 4 km from Karystos, between the villages of Grabia and Myloi. It is one of the most important sights of your cultural and historical tour.

The first fort on the imposing hill called Montofoli, was built by the Byzantines in 1030. According to one version, medieval Castello Rosso was built on Byzantine foundations by the baron Ravano dalle Carceri, from 1209-1216. It was captured by the Franks and purchased at a later stage by the Venetians who occupied it for 104 years. Later, during the Ottoman period (1470-1830), it was fortified more majestically by the Turks. 

During the Greek Revolution of 1821 many battles were fought for possession of the castle. Odysseas Androutsos, Nikolaos Kriezotis, known as "the lion of Evia", as well as the French Philhellene Fabvier tried in vain to besiege it. It was only after the liberation, in 1833, that the castle gates were opened to the Greeks.

Today, perched on the imposing rock that overlooks the bay of Karystos, it still holds within its ruined walls memories and intimate secrets of the past. Castello Rosso is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Rare plants, such as the Karystos bellflower (campanula celsii carystea) grow on its derelict walls, while blue rock thrush, rock nuthatches, kestrels and other cliff birds nest amongst its craggy cliffs. 


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