Grabias - Myloi

Grabia - Myloi - Grabia


The Karystion Hotel can be your starting point for various walking routes around the area. The walk Grabia - Myloi - Grabia takes about 2.5hrs and it has little shade.


The starting point is the church of Agia Sofia in Grabia. This church was converted to a mosque during the Turkish occupation. Below the church there are 5 springs with running water.


Turn left and follow the main road north until you come to a cobbled path/trail on your right. Follow this trail until you get to the church of Agia Aikaterini where you turn right towards the aqueduct called ‘Kamares'. This aqueduct supplied the higher parts of the old town with water. It stands below the northern flanks of Castello Rosso and the cliffs above you rise all the way to the walls of the castle.


Follow the path that runs under the aqueduct towards a stream. Cross over the stream and follow the path east across the plain. At this point you gain very good views of the castle. At the end of the path there is a Turkish fountain. The path eventually joins the main road. 

If you follow the road north, you get to the church of Agii Theodoroi. Down the road from there, you will come across the church of Agia Paraskevi. The road continuous downhill, to the village of Myloi. On the way down you will pass two Turkish fountains.


Once in the centre of Myloi, you go past a tavern and follow the road that runs below the hill of the castle, on its southern side. The road contours the hill, offering panoramic views of the town, the bay and the plain of Karystos.


You come back to your starting point, the village of Grabia.



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