The numerous beaches and islets distributed around the bay of Karystos and the Cavo Doro are the joy of any amateur angler.


The waters here, in South Evia, are amongst the migratory routes for fish to go from the Mediterranean to northern seas in other breeding grounds. 


Rod or line fishing from the shore, hand lining from a boat, underwater fishing amateur long line fishing are some of the options that you have, in the bay of Karystos and the coasts of Evia


There is a great variety of fish: dentex, pandora, perch, bogue, saddled seabream, striped sea bream, white seabream, gilthead seabream, grouper etc.


In the area you will find specialized shops that can supply you with any type of bait or equipment and can advise you on the adequate fishing points or even put together a fishing plan for you. One of these is:


Dikelas dive centre & fishing store 


Fishing is a free time activity that many enjoy during their stay in Karystos. Spend beautiful holidays, angling in Karystos Bay or fishing underwater with spear is the sea waters of South Evia


You can find information about various fisheries in the Karystion Hotel



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