The villages of Karystos


The villages of "Gourna" are the villages which are built on the southern foothills of Mt Ochi and are overlooking the bay of Karystos, constituting the suburbs of the town.


These are: Metohi, Aetos, Mylioi, Mekounida, Grabias, Chora, Kalyvia and Lala.


Modern Karystos was founded and inhabited in the middle of the 19th century. Up until then the population had developed, for various reasons, around those villages.


Built in steep valleys or around the many water sources, they will enchant you with their natural beauty. They are all lush with plane trees, olive trees, fruit trees, vineyards and fields. Higher up, the view of the sea is breathtaking. Castles, walls, ancient quarries, watermills, bridges and fountains are some of the manmade monuments of particular interest.


Day trips or afternoon walks combined with visits to sites of interest and meals out can be organised.


You can find more information in the Karystion Hotel.



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