The menu of the restaurant



Grilled vegetables served with aubergine puree and yogurt sauce


Fried Kaystian cheese


"Karystion" musaka


Feta ans sheep cheese pie, with spearmint and basil


Roasted beef, bell peppers and gruyere cheese, in tortillas rolls


Fried feta cheese in tomato marmalade


Toasted slices of yeast bread toped with Russian chicken salad


Small rusks toped with fresh tomatoes and feta


Homemade french fries





Greek salad

with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, capers, oregano and feta cheese


Fresh salad with tomato and almonds in a basil sauce, topprd with soft katiki cheese


Herb flavored tabbouleh


Grilled chicken chunks on fresh salad leaves with gruyere cheese sauce


Pork fillets on fresh salad leaves and mustard sauce


Fresh salad with cherry tomatoes, crouton and smoked salmon with a sanguin vinaigrette


Grilled prawns on fresh salad leaves, with a fruit flavored vinaigrette





Grilled chicken breast served with fresh salad leaves and mashed potatoes


Chicken fillet in cashew-nut batter served with Russian lettuce salad


Crilled chicken wings marinated in lemon juice and herbs


Sweet and sour chicken thighs fried with bell peppers and mushrooms


Turkey burger served with mashed potatoes flavored with basil pesto





Beef shoulder steak for 2 people, served with french fries


Tender pork neck chops served with french fries


Grilled pork fillet, served with grilled vegetables and rice


Grilled beef liver served with caramelized onions and mushrooms


Beer burger, topped with parsley pesto, served with french fries


Beef burger (200 gr)


Souvlaki for 2 people. On request






Pasta & Risotto





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