The cave of Ag. Triada in Karystos.

The cave of Ag. Triada in Karystos.


In South Evia, there is a large number of caves. 32 caves have been recorded as well as 9 modern and 4 ancient mine galleries.

One of the most interesting caves is that of “Aghia Triada” (Saint Trinity). The beauty and peculiarity of the cave exceed the Greek limits.

“Aghia Triada” is located on the hills / foothills of Ochi Mountain, 5 kilometers north of Karystos in a ravine which overlooks the valley and the bay of Karystos. It took its name from the church which is built next to a water source. The source is powered by the water of an underground river that runs through the cave.

The entrance to the cave is about 40 meters above the church.

Guests, who are not skilled speleologists, will be able to cover only a small first part of the cave’s extent.

The total stretch is over 3000 meters and the route goes through meanders, halls, ponds, waterfalls, siphons, faults, narrow galleries, etc., which have been formed by the perennial flow of the underground river.

To reach the final stages of this cave one should have the athletic abilities of a mountaineer, climber, swimmer, diver, as well as good knowledge of potholing and mental strength.

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