Myloi-peak of Ochi-Kallianou


Karystos - Mt Ochi peak - Kallianou beach


General information


This is a fascinating route from the town of Karystos to the shores of the legendary Cavodoro. In theory the route can be completed in 8 ½ hours, but for the inexperienced hikers it will take approximately 10 hrs of hiking. Given that hiking is not a competition sport, one has to allow enough time to rest and admire the surrounding landscape. The trail is way-marked for most of its part but the rough and rocky terrain will have to be tackled with extra caution. Some parts of the trail can be tricky if the wind is blowing or if there are low clouds. 


The route


The route can be divided in 4 parts.


1. (Karystos) Myloi - Kylindroi

Usually hikers are transferred to the village of Myloi by car and they start their walk from there. The largest part of this trail is uphill. We call ‘Kylindroi' the location on the mountain where lie 10 giant monolithic marble columns, which are the remains of a Roman quarry. The walk takes approx. 40 minutes and it can be a day trip in itself.


2. Kylindroi - Kakia Skala - Chestnut forest - Refuge

The marked trail continues north and meanders up the mountainside where it reaches a narrow pass and at this point it becomes a cobbled path (Kakia Skala). Continuing eastwards, it joins the road that leads to the ‘kastanologos' chestnut forest with its perennial chestnut trees. At about 200 metres up from the chestnut forest we find the Ochi refuge. Duration: approx 2hrs15. 


3. Refuge - Profitis Ilias Peak

From the refuge we follow the path that leads north, to the top of the mountain. After a 20' ascent on rather rough terrain it reaches a weathered saddle. On the west side, after an ascent, we find the old chapel of Profitis Ilias. Some 200 m east is the fascinating ancient construction of the Dragonhouse. The peak of Ochi is right there. Duration: 1h15.


4. Peak - Dimossari gorge - Lenosaioi village - Kallianou beach.

From the chapel of Profitis Ilias, looking north, we can see the lower parts of Mt Ochi gradually descending all the way to the sea. The gorge of Dimossari dominates the whole landscape. From the chapel we continue downhill, where the trail descends to the first saddle below, Petrokanalo. Here is the entrance to the gorge. We walk alongside the river, under the canopy of the plane trees. Eventually we reach the church in the village of Lenosaioi. The trail continues for another 1.5 km on the village dirt road. Further down we find another path that runs in the shade of the plane trees, all the way to the beach of Kallianaou. Duration: 4.5 hrs.


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